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Clinical studies

The CARDDIAB project focuses on clinical and translational research with the aim of establishing new therapeutic concepts for advanced metabolic-cardiovascular diseases. The term "translational research" refers to the transfer of new research findings from basic research to clinical application. Promising research approaches are first tested in preclinical studies (Preclinical Trial Unit) and then in clinical trials on volunteers (Clinical Trial Unit). 

The functional areas and examination rooms in the Core Units form the infrastructural basis for clinical research in CARDDIAB. Healthy and sick test persons will spend up to 8-10 hours in CARDDIAB and receive infusions during the examinations. A central research station with 8 beds also allows for several days of observation. A training area is divided into a zone with fitness equipment (strength and endurance training) and a course room for training groups. The training of the test persons takes place under constant observation and analysis by the staff. The results are used to study training influences on the cardiovascular and metabolic system in healthy and diseased test persons.

Clinical studies

Study of recently diagnosed diabetes in adulthood.

The effects of a novel strength training method compared to classical strength training on the metabolism of people with type 2 diabetes are investigated.

Long-term population study investigating underlying causes fort the development of common diseases such as cancer, diabetes, infectious diseases and heart attacks.

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