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Skizze der Eingangshalle

Entrance hall

Skizze der Science Lounge

Science Lounge


The new building will provide a common research environment for preclinical and clinical and experimental research for experts from the fields of metabolic, diabetes and cardiovascular research. A tailored, open-plan design will be created over a floor space of 3,700 m2, providing central shared workstations to allow all professional groups to work together efficiently.

Total floor space: 3,738.60 m²
Laboratory area: 654 m²
Supplementary laboratory area: 270 m2
Imaging area: 370 m2
Metabolic examination rooms: 59 m2
GMP laboratory: 79 m²
Preclinical Trial Platform: 236 m2
Examination, training and subject rooms: 583 m²
Offices and meeting rooms: 597 m²

Vertically, the building is divided into three core units stacked on top of each other:

1. Imaging Core Unit on the ground floor

2. Metabolic Core Unit on the first floor

3. Cardiac & Circulatory Core Unit on the second floor

These functional units have essentially the same structure: a laboratory area (West wing/purple), an examination area with integrated evaluation/meeting zones (North wing/red), an office area (South wing/green) and special functions in the East wing.

The basement houses the central facilities of the Preclinical Trial Platform, while the GMP area (clean room and analytical laboratory), a conference area and a roof terrace are located on the third floor.

The project is receiving funding of around 73 million euros through the "Bund-Länder-Programm Forschungsbauten" (funding for research buildings at universities, including large-scale equipment, on the basis of Article 91b of the German Basic Law). The CARDDIAB project emerged successfully from a two-stage application process ahead of competing projects from all over Germany. The German Science and Humanities Council rated the application as "outstanding" for all five evaluation criteria.

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